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A simple download that ensures any personal or financial data entered into a health platform is secure from attack.

HealthSAFE is an endpoint security solution designed exclusively for Epic Hyperdrive users, shielding against browser threats, denying access to electronic health records (EHR). The ever-increasing demand for such protection has made HealthSAFE a trusted solution to healthcare providers using the Epic Hyperdrive browser – from HCA  to the NHS to John Hopkins Medicine.

The patented technology meets HIPAA regulations to provide layered armored security and browser protection with no employee or patient configuration required. HealthSAFE for Epic Hyperdrive considerably reduces the risk of malicious parties accessing protected resources by delivering AI-powered real-time visual security with each keystroke being scrambled, disabling the latest AI cyberfraud technologies, incorporating Anti-Ransomware protection and illegal screen capture.

Remote Access Device Users
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Patented Technology To Shield Epic Hyperdrive

Exclusively developed as a lightweight bolt-on for Epic Hyperdrive

Prevents Fraud

Prevents misuse of online health records, financial fraud and identity-based fraud.

Prevents Ransomware

Prevents ransomware attacks that attempt to lock up personal resources.

Easy Deployment

Simple to deploy and works with Epic Hyperdrive browser.

Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025
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delivering HIPAA compliance

HealthSAFE – Shields Epic Hyperdrive Users

HealthSAFE is an exclusive lightweight bolt-on for Epic Hyperdrive, delivering HIPAA compliance

Instead of needing a server, healthcare organizations need a compatible web browser. The Epic Hyperdrive browser from Epic has been designed to be easier to deploy, update, and access. Now widely accessible to healthcare organizations, all Epic customers must officially migrate to Epic Hyperdrive by November 2023. While some have already begun their Epic Hyperdrive transition, most have yet to do so.

However, every interaction with a browser increases the vectors with which cyber criminals can launch an attack on healthcare organizations. HealthSAFE delivers HIPAA security compliance and has been exclusively developed as a lightweight bolt-on for Epic Hyperdrive.


Act Now To Meet HIPAA Compliance

HealthSAFE delivers peace of mind to healthcare providers by deploying a protective shield for their Epic Hyperdrive browser. Unlike other online healthcare fraud prevention solutions, it is highly affordable and protected by patents.

HealthSAFE works alongside Epic Hyperdrive on a user’s computer to provide proactive anti-keylogging, screen capture and anti-hijacking protection. Users accessing remotely will also benefit from sophisticated anti-ransomware and advanced malware detection, allowing them to the Epic Hyperdrive browser with confidence.

Remote Access Device Users
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Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025
$ 0 T

keep prying eyes away

Keep SAFE With HealthSAFE From SentryBay

Included with HealthSAFE:

 HealthSAFE creates a seamless endpoint security environment in which Epic Hyperdrive browser interactions can run safely, data is protected, and regulations such as HIPAA can be met.

HealthSAFE works by stopping attackers from picking up key entries and taking pictures of your Epic Hyperdrive browser pages – therefore protecting your personal and medical information.

The solution also stops users visiting fraudulent websites plus prevents Ransomware attacks by preventing the encryption of files.

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