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Armored ID Protection Safeguarding Sensitive Personal Information

Proactively monitors and safeguards sensitive personal and financial information

Protects data and identities from information-stealing malware, ensuring that the user is the first to know if their sensitive or financial information is found online. Available as a turnkey application set for web, PC, and mobile, or as an API.


Pre-emptive Safeguarding Of Data & Identity Across Windows, Mac, Android And iOS Platforms

Continuous real-time risk surveillance monitoring, safeguarding your customers’ data and ensuring secure browsing around the clock

24/7 Online Identity Monitoring

Offers access to SentryBay's data monitoring service, consisting of billions of breached records, delivering real-time alerts, credential entry tracking, and data risk updates, all at your fingertips

Dark, Deep & Surface Web Monitoring

Armored ID scans a multitude of sources including forums, marketplaces, social media, chat networks , chat applications, paste sites and more

Cutting-Edge Anti-Keylogging

Provides proactive and permanent protection for your keystrokes using the most advanced anti-keylogging technology, safeguarding against even the latest zero-day malware

Blocks Screen Capture

Guards against malware that uses malicious screen capturing and recording techniques

Secures Any Browser

Ensures the protection of personal and financial data on any Chromium based browser, whether you're using a Mac or a PC

Ransomware Protection

Blocks ransomware attacks aiming to encrypt personal assets

Fraud Prevention

Effective in stopping card-not-present fraud, online banking fraud, and identity-based fraud

Quick 3-Click Installation

Quick and simple installation in just three clicks, with no user technical knowledge or configuration required

Confidential Data Compliance

Secure processing and handling of confidential data. SentryBay processes all data in-line with GDPR, ISO27001 and PCI compliance requirements

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