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SentryBay’s security protocols enable a zero trust approach to the remote access technology stack

When it comes to comprehensive protection for applications and data, most cyber security solutions fall short of the mark. Why?

Because they were designed to work on endpoint devices within the corporate perimeter, not on the unmanaged remote, BYOD or BYOPC endpoints that most enterprises now rely on. So, whether you are already using anti-virus or endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions or have deployed a Virtual Private Network (VPN), SentryBay fills the gaps to secure the data flow across your entire corporate cloud ecosystem.

Less than 50% of attacks are detected by most antivirus, AV and EDR solutions because they’re not designed to manage remote and BYOD endpoints.

SANS 2018 Survey on Endpoint Protection and Response

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an armored barrier
without compromise

WFH / Remote Working

SentryBay has helped to protect millions of remote workers and endpoint devices connecting with corporate networks and applications for over 15 years.

‍‍Now working from home has become the norm, our 3-click simple download and automated, centralised configuration gives you and your team instant protection.

Whether your remote workers are browsing online, accessing applications, or facilitating payments, they are secure, and so are your vital corporate assets.

Our solutions work across all platforms and all endpoint devices, creating an armored barrier without compromise.

protect your VDI endpoints

Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI)

Cloud-based VDI and DaaS systems are quickly becoming the tool of choice as the workforce becomes more remote and more mobile, providing easy access to essential apps and straightforward management for administrators.

This does not make them more secure.

‍While VDI systems can enhance cyber security against attacks on applications and data at cloud level, the fundamental challenge of securing data input at the endpoint, albeit a virtual endpoint, remains the same.  

Because of its unique, patented ability to protect remote endpoints – especially from keylogging and screen capture malware residing on that endpoint – SentryBay can plug the key security gap of VDI systems… data stolen at the point of entry.

‍If you think the ease of your cloud-based management is resulting in complacency where cyber security is concerned, don’t delay. Talk to us today about how we can protect your VDI endpoints.

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of business leaders cited hybrid working as their top data breach threat (Trans Union UK)
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eliminate breaches, ensuring regulatory compliance


The new trend towards hybrid offices means new and greater risks and more unprotected devices, increasingly strict regulatory compliance, and more data being handled outside the protection of the corporate perimeter. Research from Trans Union UK revealed a quarter (23%) of business leaders cited hybrid working as their top data breach threat. 

Compliance is fundamental to the success of your business.

‍Against a backdrop of increased regulatory scrutiny, you will be looking for solutions that support and enhance your risk management processes.

‍When it comes to data protection, we have made it our business to help you.

SentryBay eliminates breaches assisting you in meeting the requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FFIEC layered security and internal infosec requirements.

‍Join the many global enterprises already meeting their regulatory compliance objectives with SentryBay.

a secure framework for all endpoint devices


A growing number of enterprises have adopted Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies which enable significant CAPEX savings in comparison to purchasing corporate devices for remote workers.

The obvious disadvantage is that these endpoint devices, if unprotected, represent a security risk to companies whenever they connect to the network. If they are lost, stolen or misplaced, access to sensitive or confidential data is further increased.

SentryBay can help by creating a strong security profile for all the endpoint devices that your employees, suppliers or customers use to connect with you – without compromising on their own privacy.

We fill the gap that no other solution effectively provides, supporting your BYOPC and BYOD policy with a rigorous baseline security profile.

of employees have been targeted with work-related phishing attacks on their personal devices (Tech Republic)
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of people allow personal information to be exposed during online activities such as emailing and financial transactions (Exploding Topics)
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A group of identity theft solutions for Consumers

ID Theft

Identity theft and online fraud are growing exponentially. From the moment a keystroke is made under the malevolent gaze of a keylogger, or a user inadvertently clicks on an encrypted file or website, they are vulnerable to cyber criminals.

To guard against identity theft, online fraud and protect and monitor sensitive data, SentryBay has developed a suite of identity protection solutions aimed at the end-user.

These are frequently white labelled by our customers and partners and offered as value-add benefits to core product and service offerings. We have worked with insurance companies looking to add extra benefits to their insurance policies, with banks whose customers can now access identity protection when they use premium bank accounts, and with ISPs and retailers who are adding value to their service offerings by including data monitoring and anti-ransomware solutions.

‍If you want to enrich your existing product or service set or enable your customers to derive tangible personal benefits from our ID Theft suite, please get in touch.


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Armored Client prevents sensitive data theft from devices, creating digital parity for remote users


A unique combination of application confinement, kernel mode anti-keylogging, screen capture and DLL-injection protection, helps enterprises achieve low-cost deployment and full regulatory compliance.

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