a common tool used by malware threats

What Is Screen Capture
Or Screen Scraping?

Screen Capture screenshots or records the screen resulting in data breaches.

malware that causes huge financial lossess & reputational damage

Risks Posed By Screen Capture Or Screen Scraping

Screen Capturing is a common tool used by insider and malware threats to screenshot or record the screen resulting in data leakage. VDI sessions on unmanaged devices are vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Examples of how screen capture can be used:

Information Theft

Screenshots can capture sensitive information displayed on a user’s screen, including personal data, financial information, passwords, business plans, or proprietary software being used. This information can then be used for fraud, identity theft, or sold on the dark web.

Credential Harvesting:

Sometimes, malware aims to capture login credentials that might not be caught by keyloggers, especially if the usernames are filled in using a password manager's auto-fill functionality.

State and Economic Espionage

Screenshots can provide a wealth of competitive intelligence or reveal operational details that are valuable to corporate or state sponsored spies.

Contextual Awareness

By taking screenshots, malware can provide context to captured keystrokes, making it easier for attackers to understand the data they've obtained.

Extortion and Blackmail

Attackers may capture sensitive or personal images on a user's screen to use as leverage for blackmail or extortion schemes which can be damaging to an individual or company’s reputation.

DLL Injection and Insider Sabotage

An insider with technical knowledge could use DLL injection to disrupt VDI operations or to bypass security controls such as disabling screen capture blocking or disrupting the means to block screen capture. This could be a deliberate act of sabotage or part of a larger scheme facilitated by malware to obtain company secrets.

SentryBay’s Armored Client solution takes a layered approach to protecting endpoint devices from screen capture. Whether your employees or contractors are using unmanaged BYOD / BYOPC or managed endpoint devices, all your corporate apps are targeted on the endpoint and run in a secure session.


Defend Your Organization Against Screen Capture
With Armored Client From SentryBay

Armored Client works alongside EDR/XDR/EPP and other security solutions with proactive, patented technology that prevents data loss from screen capture, keyloggers and DLL injection. Can’t detect it? No problem. SentryBay still stops data loss.

Screen Capture


DLL Injection


Trusted By Global Businesses

Armored Client prevents sensitive data theft from devices, creating digital parity for remote users.



Solves VDI security threats

SentryBay uses its patented, preventative controls to provide a lightweight, secure environment to solve the key security issues of VDI and DaaS on Windows, MacOS and thin client endpoints.

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