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Armored ID Surveillance
24/7 Online Identity Protection

API proactively safeguard your customers' sensitive personal and financial information online

With complete coverage of the internet that ensures your customer is the first to know if their sensitive or financial information has been found online


24/7 Online Monitoring And Alerting Of Breached Personal Information

Low cost, high-value continuous real-time monitoring, safeguarding your customers’ personal and financial data around the clock
– providing actionable options and education for users

24/7 Online Identity Monitoring

Offers access to SentryBay's data monitoring service, consisting of billions of breached records, delivering real-time alerts, credential entry tracking, and data risk updates, all at your fingertips

Dark, Deep & Surface Web Monitoring

Armored ID offers unparalleled coverage by scanning all layers of the internet, including forums, marketplaces, social media, chat networks, messaging applications, paste sites, and beyond

Extensive Selection Of Monitored Items

Far beyond email addresses, Armored ID offers monitoring for one of the most diverse arrays of sensitive and personal data

Flexible & Fully Customizable API

Customize API/data inputs to suit diverse data presentation needs, with multilingual support

Established, Reliable Provider

With over a decade of experience solely in monitoring, Armored ID drives the customer solutions for the world's top insurers, banks, telecommunications companies, and retailers

Confidential Data Compliance

Secure processing and handling of confidential data. SentryBay processes all data in-line with GDPR, ISO27001 and PCI compliance requirements

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