a method of injecting malicious code into an application

What Is DLL Injection
Or Malicious Injection?

Threat actors use DLL injection (DLL Hijacking, Malicious Injection) to disrupt VDI operations or to bypass security controls such as disabling screen capture blocking or disrupting the means to block screen capture.

A covert malware launching technique that uses process as a cloak

Risks Posed By DLL Injection Or Malicious Injection

Malicious injection is a mechanism that malware or malicious users can use to modify how an application functions on the computer; from an unmanaged device this is quite a powerful simple technique.

Examples of how DLL Injection or Malicious Injection can be used:


Malware can inject into legitimate processes, the purpose of this can be to evade detection by typical AV and EDR products.

Function Hooking

Malware can ‘inject’ into application to disrupt how applications work. for example, capturing user inputs such as the keys typed on the keyboard or spoken words into the microphone or preventing screen capture controls from being enabled.

Process Control

Through DLL injection, malware can manipulate applications to switch off features such as screen capture blocking.

SentryBay’s Armored Client solution takes a layered approach to protecting endpoint devices from DLL Injection or Malicious Injection. Whether your employees or contractors are using unmanaged BYOD / BYOPC or managed endpoint devices, all your corporate apps are targeted on the endpoint and run in a secure session.


Defend Your Organization Against DLL Injection or Malicious Injection With Armored Client From SentryBay

Armored Client works alongside EDR/XDR/EPP and other security solutions with proactive, patented technology that prevents data loss from DLL injection, screen capture and keyloggers. Can’t detect it? No problem. SentryBay still stops data loss.

DLL Injection


Screen Capture


Trusted By Global Businesses

Armored Client prevents sensitive data theft from devices, creating digital parity for remote users.



Solves VDI security threats

SentryBay uses its patented, preventative controls to provide a lightweight, secure environment to solve the key security issues of VDI and DaaS on Windows, MacOS and thin client endpoints.

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