Neutralise the impact of information-stealing malware threats, whatever industry you work in

As your enterprise moves to the cloud, the opportunity to connect your employees, suppliers and customers with your network for improved collaboration becomes greater.

So too does the security risk if they are using unmanaged devices. SentryBay’s Armored Client solution actively wraps your data and applications which immediately neutralises the impact of information-stealing malware threats, whatever industry you work in.

of card payment investigations are due to eCommerce data breaches (
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endpoint protection solutions


The trends towards online and mobile banking have not only made banking easier for the consumer they have also enabled millions of unbanked customers around the world to access services for the first time.

‍Now, as financial institutions continue to shift large parts of their business into the cloud, they are also adopting new operating models to accommodate remote workers.

‍Widely acknowledged as the world’s most cyber-targeted industry, these developments also serve to expand the opportunities for malicious attacks.

‍The banking sector is under constant pressure to ensure proper financial data security compliance, not just with industry regulations like the FFIEC, but with international laws and local guidance.

‍SentryBay can help financial institutions to meet those expectations with endpoint protection solutions that help build robust cyber security strategies that are fit for purpose, not just for customers and partners, but extended across new remote workers and bank contact centres too.

‍Typical use cases include the Armored Client to further fortify VDI solutions used by staff and contractors, or Armored ID to protect customers from online fraud and ID theft solutions to help acquire or retain customers.

SAFEGUARD YOUR data & reputation


The digital transformation of the insurance sector has brought enormous benefits in terms of delivering online policy and claims applications, improved product offerings and an enhanced customer experience.

‍The broader range of digital cyber attack vectors has also resulted in an exponential rise in data breaches.

‍Insurance companies and brokers are faced with the theft of sensitive business, consumer or third-party data, the resulting negative financial implications, reputational damage and fines for non-compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

‍SentryBay’s Armored ID solution can create a secure environment that will protect anyone connecting to your digital assets – from customers accessing portals through to employees or brokers performing business-critical activities – ensuring the data is safe, and so is your reputation.

of all data breaches are financially motivated (Verizon)
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computers in the USA are infected with keylogging malware (Global Threat Intelligence)
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protectION from keylogging
& screen capture

Call Centres

The banking, insurance and retail industries, amongst others, operate call centres to deliver customer support on a massive scale.

‍They are the custodians of customer data, and where they are processing payments, they have an obligation to meet PCI DSS standards, ensuring transactions are monitored, logged and secured.

‍Many call centres struggle to adhere to PCI DSS due to legacy technology or the rapid adoption of remote working practices. It takes only one weak point for a customer’s data to be stolen or a website or mobile app to be hacked with long-term consequences. Fines for non-compliance are considerable and the impact on a brand is serious.

‍Call centre operators have a duty to ensure that agents, whether they are working from the centre, or from home, are equipped with the right technology, in particular utilising endpoints that are specifically protected from keylogging and screen capture.

‍Allow us to help you provide a high endpoint security protocol to protect both managed and BYOD remote access devices used to access and process customer data – quickly, efficiently and without the need for any complicated configuration.

malware, ransomware & phishing remain prevalent threats


As healthcare providers from GP surgeries and primary care providers through to specialist clinics and hospitals increasingly offer digital services, patients can take advantage of faster appointment bookings, improved online management of minor ailments and long-term conditions, receive test results quickly and complete and upload digital consent forms.

‍Every interaction with a virtual service or an online portal, however, increases the vectors across which cyber criminals can launch an attack.

‍And it’s not only patients and their data being put at risk. While healthcare enterprises can protect their IT systems, doctors and other healthcare providers can be exposed to reputational damage if the endpoint devices they use to connect with central systems are unmanaged.

‍With malware, ransomware and phishing attacks remaining a prevalent threat to healthcare and its endpoint devices, and cloud systems constantly at risk, we can help the industry to create a seamless endpoint security environment in which both employee and customer applications can run safely, data is protected, and regulations such as HIPAA can be met.

of reported healthcare breaches are accounted for by hacking (
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of law firms targeted by cyber-attacks had been victims of attacks with viruses or other malware (CyforSecure)
0 %

a scalable 3-click-download security solution

Professional Services

Business consultancies, legal firms, accountancy practices and other professional organisations take client confidentiality very seriously. Like every other industry, they have realised the enormous advantages of using cloud-based VDI systems and SaaS software, enabling on-premises and employees working from home to remain efficient.

‍They also understand the need to establish strong cyber security environments.

‍The information held by professional service providers goes beyond simple employee and client details often including valuable, confidential data, key intellectual property and sensitive financial records that put clients at risk in the event of a data breach.

‍SentryBay is here to help. We can deliver a scalable 3-click-download cyber security solution that supports companies of all sizes. It envelops not just the company and its employees, including those working from home, but clients and partners who want to connect with your network, creating a secure ecosystem against even the most insidious cyberattacks.

ensuring applications & data
are securely wrapped


Digitalisation has allowed citizens to enjoy more and more digitalised local public services in recent years and has enabled local government to get more of their workforce online, operating remotely, reducing costs, improving efficiency and collaborating more effectively with partners.

‍With every registration of a resident to an online service offered by the local authority, however, the risks of a cyber attack grow.

‍Citizens trust government departments with their personal details. If a cyber attack results in the loss of data, this can not only compromise long-term confidence but imperil local and national security.

‍As cyber security becomes the number one priority for government at all levels, and regulations such as GDPR and PCI need to be met, SentryBay can act as an essential complementary layer to existing solutions, ensuring applications and data are securely wrapped to neutralise the key threats that reside on the endpoint.

In 2018, the U.S. government faced a total of $13.7 billion in costs due to cyberattacks (Data Guard)
$ 0 B
The average cost of a data breach in the retail industry is $3.28 million (IBM Research)
$ 0 M

avoid breaching GDPR, PCI DSS
& other data regulations


Retailers have invested heavily in dynamic digital channels, apps and frictionless payment mechanisms and this has enabled those that operate online to source and hold vast amounts of precious customer data. It’s the lifeblood that supports the personalised, highly targeted services that consumers now expect.

‍The development of eCommerce technologies, and the provision of call centre services that support the retail sector also increase cyber security risks.

‍Not only do retailers commonly face DDoS attacks designed to bring down their platforms and interrupt access to websites, they also have a duty of care to customers whose data can be stolen through unmanaged endpoint devices used by unaware retail employees. PCI security and endpoint protection are crucial.

‍If you are a retailer, SentryBay can help you to defend your organisation against attack, protect customers, employees, the supply chain, and avoid breaching GDPR, PCI DSS and other data regulations.


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Armored Client prevents sensitive data theft from devices, creating digital parity for remote users


A unique combination of application confinement, kernel mode anti-keylogging, screen capture and DLL injection protection, helps enterprises achieve low-cost deployment and full regulatory compliance.

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