Stops ransomware. Once installed on your customers’ devices, it will constantly monitor for suspicious encryption activity and proactively block it.

Ransomware is the fastest growing cyber threat over recent years, and it will affect you unless you take action to stop the encryption of files BEFORE you are targeted.

News headlines are frequently dominated by the damaging consequences of the latest ransomware attack from WannaCry, Petya and CryptoWall to CryptoLocker and Locky, and other less known variants which have had a significant impact on productivity and finance.

‍Because ransomware is an attack on the availability of data, our CryptoSAFE solution is designed to prevent it getting access to data so it can encrypt files. Once installed on your customers’ devices, it will constantly monitor for suspicious encryption activity. If its algorithms determine a threat, it will proactively prevent file encryption – thwarting the ransomware attack. CryptoSAFE also displays a view of the encryption processes attempted so you always know what is happening. It will protect against ransomware that is missed by antivirus solutions.

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Remote Access Device Users

Monitor For Suspicious Encryption Activity

Protect against ransomware that is missed by antivirus solutions

Block Ransomware

Proactively blocks any ransomware attacks that encrypt files, without needing to detect the malware itself.

Combine With Other
SentryBay Products

Can be combined with other SentryBay solutions like DataSAFE and forms part of BankSAFE solution.

Easy Deployment

Simple to deploy and needs no user configuration or interaction to be effective.

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Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025

keep prying eyes away

Keep SAFE With CryptoSAFE from SentryBay

Included with CryptoSAFE:

  • No user configuration required: There is no need for you to configure or update the software for it be effective, even against new threats, and no user training is required, making it a simple but highly effective ransomware defence.
  • White label: You can brand the software to provide to customers or partners and customise levels of customer notification and interaction, putting you in the driving seat against the rising tide of ransomware attacks.
  • Combine with other SentryBay products: If desired, you can also bundle the technology with other PC-based ‘SAFE’ solutions such as BankSAFE or DataSAFE.

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