SentryBay Tops 2024 List Of Leading UK Cybersecurity Companies

SentryBay Tops 2024 List of Leading UK Cybersecurity Companies

Web app penetration testing services provider Qualysec has named its leading UK cybersecurity companies of 2024 and SentryBay tops the list!

When evaluating cybersecurity companies to determine final placings Qualysec considered several key features, including the company’s expertise, range of cybersecurity solutions offered, industry reputation, and commitment to innovation. According to Qualysec, “the top cybersecurity companies in the UK excel in these areas, providing cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving threat landscape.”

Evaluating Cybersecurity Companies

The cybersecurity environment is known for its dynamic and ever-changing nature, which mirrors the constantly evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals. Businesses face a growing array of threats, ranging from ransomware attacks that hold vital data hostage to sophisticated data breaches that compromise sensitive information. Consequently, there is a soaring demand for strong cybersecurity solutions, with organizations actively searching for advanced tools and strategies to protect their digital assets.

Qualysec recommend a thorough examination of the following key features for companies to make well-informed choices when choosing a cybersecurity firm that closely matches their security needs and goals:

SentryBay Tops 2024 List of Leading UK Cybersecurity Companies


Qualysec’s Top UK Cybersecurity Companies

  • SentryBay
  • Sophos
  • PWC
  • EY
  • Darktrace
  • Becrypt
  • BAE Systems
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee

“SentryBay Is A Global Leader In Cybersecurity”

Qualysec confirm, “SentryBay is a global leader in cybersecurity offering a range of products designed to secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual private networks (VPN), thin clients, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.”

“SentryBay is pleased to be recognized as a global leader in cybersecurity by Qualysec,” said Tim Royston-Webb, CEO, SentryBay. “Trusted by leading businesses, SentryBay’s Endpoint Access Isolation solution, the Armored Client, includes advanced keylogging and screen-capture prevention which proactively protects data entry into the VDI/DaaS application. This solution utilizes minimal resources and does not influence performance on the endpoint device, while adding meaningful security. The enterprise can control which processes are able to execute within the secure environment, enabling protection of VDI/DaaS solutions like VMware and AVD/W365, especially for remote workers using BYOD (bring your own devices).”

More on Qualysec’s Top UK Cybersecurity Companies here.

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