List of Top 20 Cybersecurity Companies Confirms SentryBay Is “Game Changing”

SentryBay Is Game Changing

SentryBay have been listed in GoAllSecure’s list of Top 20 Cybersecurity Companies in the UK.

The penetration testing consultancy reports that cybersecurity gained tremendous popularity after the rise in cyberattacks during the Covid pandemic, “and suddenly, cyber security was the only thing every company was talking about. Well, with the high demand, there were several security companies that came to the forefront to defend the world against cyber threats.”

GoAllSecure declare their Top 20 cybersecurity companies are the best in the industry based on specific criteria and parameters. The parameters that help define the best cybersecurity companies are:

  • Innovation and Technology Integration
  • Threat Intelligence and Research
  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Adherence to Regulatory Compliance
  • Client Trust and Reputation
  • Global Reach and Impact
  • Training and Education Programs

SentryBay Cybersecurity Solutions Are “Game Changing”

GoAllSecure confirm SentryBay’s endpoint isolation solutions are a gamechanger. The full commendation reads, “SentryBay specializes in secure browsing and endpoint protection solutions, providing innovative tools to enhance online security. They focus on protecting users from online threats, including phishing and malware, ensuring a secure digital experience. Their advanced protection for hybrid and remote work cultures has been game changing.”

The consultancy reports, “as the threat landscape evolves, securing the digital future for businesses and individuals has become very important. Selecting a trustworthy partner is the crucial first step in the current fast-paced world of cyber threats. You can use our list of the top 20 cybersecurity companies in the UK as a guide to help you identify the best company that suits your needs. These companies are at the top because of their commitment to innovation, research, and client protection.”

List of Top 20 Cybersecurity Companies Confirms SentryBay Is “Game Changing”

“The case for cutting-edge technologies like SentryBay…”

“SentryBay is honoured that its defensive technologies have been confirmed as game changing,” commented Tim Royston-Webb, CEO, SentryBay. “The case for cutting-edge technologies like SentryBay that mitigate cybersecurity threats such as keylogging and screen capture risk is so strong. Every organization should address this risk as part of their security posture. It continues to amaze me that with the increasing sophistication of exploits that we continue to rely too heavily on detection technologies as the primary line of defence. Establishing a Zero Trust posture, requires both defensive and detection solutions to address threats in managed and unmanaged environments.”

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