Screen Capture / Screen Scraping

What is screen capture?

In just 60 seconds, Timothy Jenkins, Head of Cyber Defense Research, SentryBay, explains why Screen Capturing is a common tool used by insider and malware threats to screenshot or record the screen resulting in data leakage.

Screen capture malware is a type of malicious software that hackers use to capture screenshots of a victim’s computer screen. This kind of malware can be used for various malicious purposes, such as stealing sensitive information, spying on users, or gathering intelligence for further attacks. VDI sessions on unmanaged devices are vulnerable to these types of attacks that cause huge financial losses & reputational damage.


Screen Capture: 60-Second Video

Learn More About Screen Capture

By understanding how screen capture malware operates and taking appropriate security measures, individuals and organizations can better protect themselves from these types of cyber threats. Click here for more information on Screen Capture (also known as Screen Scraping) and how SentryBay’s patented Armored Client solution defends against it.