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In just 60 seconds, Timothy Jenkins, Head of Cyber Defense Research, SentryBay, reveals how Keylogging, often referred to as Keystroke Logging, is used by hackers to capture and record the keystrokes typed on a computer or mobile device.

The most common type of malicious keylogger is the software variety, and that can best be described as keylogger malware. In fact, keyloggers, because they can harvest such lucrative data, are one of the most common malware payloads delivered by worms, viruses, and Trojans.


Keylogging / Keystroke Logging: 60-Second Video

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By understanding how Keylogging malware operates and taking appropriate security measures, individuals and organizations can better protect themselves from these types of cyber threats. Click here for more information on Keylogging and how SentryBay’s patented Armored Client solution defends against it.