Data Sheet: BankSAFE

BankSAFE Data Sheet

BankSAFE – Advanced AI-Powered Endpoint Data Protection!


  • Kernel mode anti-keylogging
  • Anti-screen capture
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Phishing


BankSAFE’s keylogging protection harnesses SentryBay’s patent protected methodology and provides the most robust, low-level keylogging protection. From the kernel level, the keylogging protection is seamless and transparent to the user.

After being battle tested by some of the largest banks and technology partners in the world the solution has proven itself to be industry leading. The way it works is by scrambling each keystroke entered with a keyboard which means any untrusted application or bad actor will be fed a stream of redundant data, except for the automatically targeted web browser processes.

  • Provides credential theft protection across all websites
  • All applications other than the web browser will receive redundant data
  • The protection functions from the kernel level

Anti-Screen capture

The screen capture protection gives a critical layer of security which ensures that an attacker would not be able to retrieve any sensitive information that may be visible when the user is browsing the internet or online banking. This protection functions by applying a persistent rule that while enabled, any screen capture is returned as a black screen, the user also has the option to enable/ reenable this protection so they can take screen captures when needed.

  • Any screen shot or screen recording will produce a black screen – Can be disabled (for purposes such as video calling)
  • Protects sensitive information that may be visible on the web browser


BankSAFE proactively monitors all encryption processes, intercepting and halting malicious processes before they encrypt files. This contrasts with many traditional methods that react after the fact or depend on recognising the threat before it acts. When an encryption activity is detected, BankSAFE employs a risk assessment system to determine its legitimacy. After evaluating the risk, a decision, such as ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked’, is made, and subsequently communicated to the user. The evaluation system considers multiple factors to render its judgment and operates with precision.

  • Every encryption process is monitored proactively.
  • Risk scoring system – 9 major factors used to determine if the process is malicious


Leveraging a diverse range of reliable phishing intelligence, BankSAFE delivers a robust safeguard against both new and emerging phishing threats. This serves as an additional layer of anti-phishing security, stepping in to protect users when the built-in protections of the browser fall short.

  • Uses multiple sources of phishing intelligence
  • Customisable phishing threat warning

Browsers Protected

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer


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Download the Data Sheet to learn why BankSAFE from SentryBay is a trusted solution to some of the world’s largest financial enterprises – from Credit Suisse to Mitsubishi Bank to the Federal Reserve.


Download BankSAFE Data Sheet

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